Meet my Neurons


You should feel honored, because they are usually quite shy.

Everyone has neurons. Big deal. Why should you meet mine? That’s a story that will come out in time, bit by bit with each post here. I will say that I am not neurotypical. I think everyone has an interesting neurological picture, how our nerves formed, grew, connected, died off, became sensitive to certain stimuli, shaped our behaviors and responses, shaped our skillsets, shaped our thoughts and personalities, shaped  – well – us.

I am going to give you a glimpse into myself, using others as comparison, using cool brain research and studies, using neato stuff from TED talks and other brilliant minds and journals. If I make a guess and tell you what I think, I will say so. Or it may be obvious due to its off the wall nature.

I am going to delve deeply into many nerdy fields here. Neurology, duh, of course. But also psychology, psychiatry, philosophy, sociology, anthropology, and probably some others along the way. I do not get paid for this. I read this stuff for fun. I analyze and think – because I have to. My brain never stops. And it is oh so tired.


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